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Whiskey Bent

Whiskey Bent... (We can all relate to this phrase.)  We wanted to bring a few of our small hometown landmarks into the themes and this was the one to do it with. 
Whiskey Bent usually started during a summer teenage night finding a buyer to pick up liquor for us from the 214 Liquor Store in town. After this we rampaged the gravel backroads in our jacked up trucks and borrowed parents cars through the curvy corners to Knob Lick Fire Tower where we gathered up and partied away the night....and the prison fence, well, we have 3 penitentiary’s within 30 miles of each other to remind us where these nights could have lead us.... Scent choice was easy, Rich Powerful Whiskey mixed with our own Jungle Juice to fill the room with those drunken Whiskey Bent Weekend Teenage Benders. Soy-Wax, Rad Wood Wick, and our own Metal MAN Can! 80hrs burn time.